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Ilana Joyce Cady

Inspiring a desire to know more and discover a love for music

As a performing artist my goal is to open the world of music to communities old and new. It is important to be authentic and creative, finding new ways to bring music to audiences through collaboration, performing and teaching. To inspire a desire to know more and discover a love for music.

I’ve always been drawn to the arts—music, dance, fine arts, plays, symphony concerts— whatever it is, I have loved it. I grew up in a musical family, my mom is a harpist and k-12 music educator, my sister, a violinist and music educator, my father a trumpet enthusiast, and my brother…the athlete (but we still love him). I went the traditional educational route, undergraduate piano performance degree followed by a masters in piano performance at a conservatory. But along the way I realized that I wanted to make music more accessible. I had so many friends from different majors that felt uncomfortable going to concerts or listening to classical music because they felt it was too uppity and high brow. I realized that I wanted to focus on making my music more accessible and creating projects that would be able to reach a wider array of people.

Enter my first big collaborative project, “Great Daughters: Unheard Voices” a concert for piano duo featuring all works by women.

This international competition winning program was performed in Austria, Texas and New England. It opened my eyes to the world of women composers and showed me how much audiences enjoyed their music. It was still classical music, in the same style as the men, but it sparked new conversation and gave listeners a different experience. From then on I made the decision to always feature at least one piece by a woman on any concert program I do. 

Ilana Joyce Cady Professional Pianist
Ilana Joyce Cady

The piano is an extremely versatile instrument. I am lucky to have the opportunity to have each day filled with different kinds of playing. I am currently the collaborative pianist for the Worcester Children’s chorus, and various choirs throughout Massachusetts. I teach at the Joy of Music Program in Worcester, MA and maintain my own private studio. I am also a classical ballet pianist for Boston Conservatory at Berklee Conservatory in Boston, MA and for the Boston Ballet School. I collaborate with artists from high school to professional level on concerts, auditions, coaching and recordings. 


One perk of collaborating with many different disciplines is that I get to experience music of all genres. It has helped me grow as an artist, appreciate collaborating with different art forms and has helped me find different ways to reach my audiences. 

Besides the actual performance, having conversations with the audience afterwards is a highlight for me. I strive to always create projects and programs that spark conversation, and to present the music in such a way that audience feels they can connect. I love to hear how the music speaks to them and to see how two people at the same concert, listening to the same piece of music, can have a totally different experience.


Music is a beautiful gift and I hope to share mine with you soon. 

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“I have taken a lesson with Ilana for over three years now and I have been enjoying having her as my teacher very much. She is always cheerful and encouraging, which reduces my anxiety. Sometimes the sound on a zoom class doesn't travel well, however, Ilana doesn't seem to have any problem correcting my mistakes. She is open to what I want to learn and how I want to do in each lesson. Her teaching of learning music and playing is articulate and I am always learning a lot from her. Having a piano lesson regularly helps my practice and mental health during the pandemic particularly”


Mihoko, student

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