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Boston Piano Teacher

Private Piano Lessons

Teaching Philosophy

My hope is to inspire each of my students to fall in love with music and engage with the piano.  Music is another language that I will strive to help each student understand in their own individual way. Music is fun and I want to create an environment that highlights the passion and creativity of music while maintaining a safe space. My goal is for each student to go beyond the notes on the page and to feel ownership of their art and discover it from within.

Here’s some of what you can expect to learn:

  • Piano technique, scales, etudes, exercises

  • Body awareness, tension-free playing, body position

  • Develop Musicality, Rhythm, Phrasing, Dynamics

  • Developing the ear to listen to the balance between hands, voicing, and pedal phrasing

  • Explore a broad range of repertoire, genres, and styles of playing

  • Basic Theory 

  • Lead sheet reading and improvisation

  • Stage presence and dealing with stage fright and performance anxiety

Interested in becoming part of my piano studio?

Read more in my studio handbook.

“My daughter has experienced tremendous progress in both confidence and skill since she started piano lessons with Ilana.  Ilana strikes a balance between clear, age appropriate instruction and challenging material that encourages my daughter to reach her full potential.”


Patricia, studio parent

Lesson options:

Ilana Joyce Cady Texture Square-18.png

$40 for

30 minutes

Ilana Joyce Cady Texture Square-18.png

$60 for

45 minutes

Ilana Joyce Cady Texture Square-18.png

$80 for

60 minutes

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“Now that I’m studying with Ilana, I LOVE playing piano.  She’s nice and a really good teacher!”

May, student

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